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Positive Affirmations Does the Mind and Body Good

Posted on 04 September 2017



Say this out loud. "I am committed to being a better person today than I was yesterday. Better thoughts. Better Decisions. Better Actions." 

Are you looking for the secret recipe? The one that allows you to accomplish everything you want to accomplish. The one that makes your dreams become a reality? By speaking positivity through daily affirmations you can help take steps into becoming a better person with more positive thoughts which result in more positive decisions that get you taking actions that will put you one step closer to your ideal positive outcome and goals.

Sounds super easy right? Good news is it is! You just have to follow through and decide to make this positive affirmation self love talk with yourself actually happen and not just one time...practice by saying these out loud EVERY DAY...more than once a day. 

Research shows that once you have decided to add something new into your routine and have put it into action for 21 consecutive days, chances are they will become a habit and part of your everyday life without even having to give it much conscious thought to follow through. So make that shift and change TODAY. Don't wait until you get this or that done, or until next week, make it happen now and you will be glad you did. Trust us, this will change your outlook on life. 

We made this super EASY for you to get started. Click on the link below and we already have written out positive affirmations you can print out and cut out into squares if you would like as well. Carry them in your purse, in your planner, in your car visor, wherever you will see them and remember to read them on a daily basis. Set an alarm on your phone for when you will practice this new habit so that it can be easier to remember at first and hold yourself accountable. We even added in a few blank spots to come up with your very own positive affirmations to fit your needs and desires!


We want to hear what you added to your blank affirmation boxes and also how adding in this daily practice has helped shift the way things appear in your life. 

Share in the comment section below. We LOVE to hear success stories so share away for a chance to be featured in our Insta Stories!

You are a rockstar!

Hallow + Plank Team


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  • Michelle M.: September 11, 2017

    Love this! I printed these out and have been using them all week. This is something I’ve been wanting to start practicing and I’m glad I read your post and got the extra motivation I needed!

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