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Stretch it out

Posted on 01 October 2017

When is the last time you got in a full stretch before and after your workout? Stretching is often overlooked when in actuality it is just as important if not more important than the actual workout itself. With so many benefits to stretching it out, it's time to get your stretch on and make it part of your everyday routine. 

Here are our 5 top reasons we love stretching 

1) Increased Flexibility - When you stretch regularly it loosens and lengthens your muscles and gives you a wider range of motion and allows you to be more flexible. 

2) Better Balance - By increasing your range of motion in your joints through stretching, you become more flexible and this helps improve your workout performance.

3) Increase Circulation - Stretching stimulates the blood flow to the muscles you are stretching. It also provides your muscles with the essential nutrients and oxygen it needs to thrive.

4) More Engery - Your energy levels will go up from the increased blood flow from stretching. You also get in return essential nutrients to your body that allows your muscles to work overtime in the gym and perform at your peak. 

5) Lower Stress Levels - In today's demanding world we are sometimes given more stress than our body can handle. By stretching regularly, it will not only reduce the stresses you feel, but also provide a healthy supply of blood to the brain which makes it easier to stay calm and de-stress. 


What are your favorite stretches? We want to know! Comment Below to Share. 

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