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Posted on 04 September 2017


Meditation is said to be essential in making us feel well and live a happy life. 

As if that is not a good enough answer in itself as to why you should meditate (if you aren't already) here are our top 5 reasons why we feel it is so important to meditate. 

1) Meditation can help eliminate negative thoughts, anxiety, worries, stresses, and basically all factors that can prevent us from feeling good. It also lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

2) Meditation is linked to more creativity and new ideas and helps make you more focused. So are you experiencing mental blockages in your work or lacking creative ways to do what you are doing better? Time to start meditating. 

3) Meditating daily can also help reverse the aging process and who doesn't want to look and feel younger? Yes please.

4) Decreases pain, lowers blood pressure, and boosts your immune system naturally without taking pills to numb the pain which can lead to further complications and or negative side effects. Stick to the natural route as much as possible. 

5) Encourages a healthy lifestyle so that you make better choices throughout your day. You wake up and what you decide to do when you first open your eyes can determine how your entire day is going to go. Try this, don't grab your phone first thing in the morning to check your emails or see how many Instagram likes you got on your latest post. Instead start the day with a clear, positive mind and meditate.

Being still and silent can be quite challenging but when mastered, it is a totally freeing experience. If you have any meditation tips you want to share, comment below and hold yourself accountable. Let us know in the comment section below how your meditation practice is going. Remember to enjoy the process to some meditation can be extremely difficult to sit still and quiet and dig deep within yourself, but with practice and consistency it can and will be done. We believe in you. 




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