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Posted on 14 September 2017

When one door closes, another door opens. Even when it's not what you originally planned (it's usually even better!) Meet Alina and hear her story behind the creation of Cycle 6 in New York.

What inspired you to start your business?

I actually grew up saying (matter of factly)  that I would never own my own business! I was inspired to open my gym when I was at a point that I wanted to find a new job, because I was unhappy with my job, and my boyfriend at the time presented the idea of opening a spin studio, and I love fitness so I was totally on board!

What is your inspiration day in and day out?

My daily inspiration is seeing the change in people, physically and in their personality, once they start noticing results. Seeing people working hard to make a difference in their physical appearance and lifestyle is motivating and rewarding!

What is your favorite quote and why?

“Fortune favors the brave.” To me this quote brings me validation when I am making a decision and motivation when I am doubtful about a decision.

What is your favorite book recommendation?The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein or Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson

As an entrepreneur there are many ups and downs throughout your journey. Explain your most exciting moment/accomplishment and how you got there as well as one of your struggles you had to conquer and overcome?

This is a big one for me that comes from the same event. Buying the business from my previous business partner/ex-boyfriend was the most exciting moment for me simply because it meant that I would be able to run the gym on my own. Getting to this point was a huge struggle. I had to do a lot of work on myself to really learn and understand myself and my values and once I did that I realized that my ex/business partner and I didn’t share the same values (not that either of ours were “right” or “wrong,” we are just different people). This was painful for me to realize and even more painful to bring to life knowing that I was going to change the dynamics of my business and personal life all at once. It was a scary change to manifest and embrace and overwhelming, even painful at times, but growth is essential and looking back I am grateful to have experienced it.

What is your most valuable learning experience thus far?

When you are choosing the people that you want to surround yourself to work with be sure to choose the people that have the same mindset and values that you do or that you inspire to have. Do not settle when establishing your team, know who or what you want and don’t settle for less.

Where of you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? What are your goals?

My goals for the next 3-5 years are to rebrand my existing business with the intention of licensing or franchising my facility. I would also love to start a not-for-profit that would use exercise and fitness classes as a way to raise money to donate it a different charity or organization every month.

We believe as women it is so important to empower one another and to lift each other up what does that mean to you?

I truly think that empowering women is one of my biggest purposes. There is something so beautiful about the resiliency and drive that women naturally embody and I think it’s normal for us to lose sight of that, and forget those amazing traits, for many different reasons. For me, my moments of fulfillment and gratitude come from seeing women push themselves at my facility to get stronger and work hard towards the goals they want to achieve. Seeing women get results, and regain confidence, as a direct reflection of their hard work and dedication is so rewarding for me.

What Advice can you give any of the readers wanting to start their own venture or take their career to the next level?

Make the time to work on yourself and the rest will follow, and your success is a reflection of your mindset and perception.

If you are in the NY area be sure to checkout Alina's Cycle 6 studio located at 3631 Hill Boulevard, Jefferson Valley, NY

You can also connect and follow her on IG @cycle_6 and Alina_machina FB @Cycle 6


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