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Posted on 11 October 2016


Hello to all of my fellow boss babes out there! My name is Elaina Giumarra, and I am founder of ContempFit! Recently, I became the newest Hallow and Plank Girl Boss, and I could not be more honored! It is so exciting to be a part of this inspirational blog for such an admirable brand. I'd love to share my story with you! 

After attending Saint Joseph's University, I decided to take a break from life in general and "find myself". I tried to find my niche, where I belonged, who I should be with, what I should be doing in life. For years I bartended while I explored different career paths and just different paths in general. Nothing in my life made sense or felt right. Deep down I was extremely unfulfilled and unhappy. I had no stability, no consistency, and worst of all no plan.

After a 3 year hiatus from reality, I decided to get on track and work for a global law firm. For the first year things were great. I had my stability, consistency, and the plan was to follow a career path within the firm. As time went on, I noticed certain things around the office that made me feel uneasy about my position and devalued my vision of a future with this firm. All of a sudden, the instability and inconsistency resurfaced, however this time I had a plan!

ContempFit was born in May of 2016. ContempFit is a company that hosts classes and workshops at various fitness and dance studios. I am proud to call this small company my baby! Although I am still in the early stages, I am extremely proud with the progress I am making. My fears of no stability, no consistency, and no plan are absent with my packed schedule of weekly routines, and goal setting strategies I've been practicing.

If I learned anything, it's listen to YOU! Deep down, YOU know what's best for YOU. Others may have advice and give opinions, however the beauty in being the boss, is the ability to make the final call! Stay humble and true to yourself and your goals, and nothing will stop you!




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